Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Once again it's on

Well, we're underway from Nashville. Seems like Obama is winning this debate in a walk. Maybe, to borrow a phrase from Colin Cowherd, McCain is turning into a dumpster fire right before our eyes.

Obama just has a better handle on the economy and it shows. And McCain's claim that he will end cronyism on Capitol Hill is laughable - especially when his Senate Chief of Staff was once a lobbyist for Freddie Mac.

Even GOP operative Alex Castellanos (a Democrat in disguise, I think) is scoring Obama ahead - on points, so to speak - through the first few minutes.

We'll see where we go from here.

UPDATE: I hate those questions that essentially ask the candidates to commit to doing something - namely reform of Social Security within a couple of years - without knowing a thing about the economic environment at that time. Either way, Obama is knocking that answer out of the park according to the uncommitted women voters in Ohio (I'm obviously watching CNN, for the record).

UPDATE 2: It's not hard to fix Social Security? Really? Eh, the voters didn't like that response. And, for the record, it's hard to take on your party when you actually believe that they're on the right side of the issue.

UPDATE 3: Brokaw is the moderator and all but he's grandstanding a bit. And "that one"? That's not a good look.

UPDATE 4: Barack's reference to his mother's final days battling with cancer and insurance executives was quite a flourish. And it really seemed to register with the audience.

UPDATE 5: I'm fading in and out on this one. The debate is sort of, uh, boring. But I sprung to life when I saw that Cindy McCain accused Obama of waging "the dirtiest campaign in American history.” This must be a severe case of projection.

UPDATE 6: Wow, what a way to flip it on Iraq. Using the "I don't understand" line was a stroke of genius, likely something he was waiting to get back to tonight. Point, Obama.

UPDATE 7: I've gotta note that whenever Obama clears his throat, the lines start soaring. Believe it or not, these undecided voters seem to be leaning blue.

UPDATE 8: Over at TNC's spot, he answered my question about his use of the phrase "weak sauce." Check it out.

UPDATE 9: Uh, Obama saying "I will kill bin Laden" was not a good look. For some reason, it didn't feel right coming from him. That's McCain's bag. Let him come off like the homicidal president.

UPDATE 10: These guys really don't like each other. It's gone beyond politics at this point. They're the anti-Nino Browns.

UPDATE 11: By the way, McCain misquoted his other "hero" Teddy Roosevelt, quoting him as saying, “Walk — Talk softly and carry a big stick." The exact quote is: “Speak softly and carry a big stick.”

UPDATE 12: I don't necessarily agree with McCain but he gave a strong answer, for him, about Russia. I'm not quite sure that we need to "apply pressure" there, though. I still fault Georgia for some of that conflict.

UPDATE 13: The evil question was stoopid.

UPDATE 14: Don't touch me, kid. ... But I really, really dislike all this rhetoric about Iran - on both sides. As a country, someday, we're going to have to come up with legit reasons why other countries can't possess nuclear weapons other than "we don't like them and neither does Israel." Either way, Obama's answer seems to have gone over well. Diplomacy actually, you know, works.

UPDATE 15: I should mention that I'm not in Nashville, in case you're confused. I'm at home in Tampa, in the lab, watching it all unfold on TV ... Internet question was pretty, pretty weak. This is a serious debate, you know? ... I love Michelle Obama.

UPDATE 16: I can't imagine tonight's debate changed much of anything. Waiting to see if Obama and McCain will actually shake hands. If it were me, I might use the opportunity to throw a quick jab. But I ain't running for office. ... By the way, do you really believe there's uncommitted voters anywhere? Even in that room?

UPDATE 17: Yeah, they don't like each other. ... I might wait for a minute before I offer post-debate thoughts. I really, really want to address the biggest issue percolating in my inbox: Reggie Bush, whom I think is terrible.

UPDATE 18: A good friend asked me tonight "Is 'That One' the singular of 'Those People?'" Hmm. I think so.

Oh yeah, here's a little nugget that I overlooked today: the guy who referred to Obama as "that one" wrote to the State Department in 1991 on behalf of a former Alabama state trooper charged with murder at the height of the civil rights movement. Hmmm. I'd do well to just allow that story to speak for itself.


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Great, great link, Matt. I'm much obliged to you for sending "that one" along.

Zen said...

If i've told you once, I've told you a million times. "I know how to find Bin Laden", I just refuse to share that information with anyone else.