Friday, January 23, 2009

Eli Porter

From the Class of 2005. He's the best, mayne. And he got you roasted liked ever.

Honestly, what did we ever do before YouTube was around?


Jack T. said...

I laughed. Now I feel dirty.

blackink said...

Lol. I know. I mean, it's funny yet disturbing.

I'm not sure Eli is quite right.

Jack T. said...

I'm not sure anyone is this video is quite right. I'm not sure I'm right after watching it (twice).

avery said...

this joint was my favorite clip of 07. there's soooooooo much wrong with this.

when the host has his arms around dude's shoulders in the heart cutaway?


blackink said...

Lol. No doubt. They were might touchy-feely, eh?

Actually, I can't get Envy's rhyme out of mind. "Eli needs to stick to walking cripple."

I mean, whoa??? That's kinda taking the cipher to another level, right?

avery said...

that's why the mighty Eli had to set it on him, though. Eli was probably just gonna get up there and drop some simple rhyme, somethin just good enough to get him to the next round, then Envy tried to set it. At that point, it was on. Eli was forced to go into his bag of Ether.

"like Rosie O'Donnel at a bisexual bridal shower..."

blackink said...

LOL at "bag of Ether."

I really thought he killed it at ... "don't know why he came out, he already in the gay parade." Shut down the cipher, son.

And if the second round was really better than the first one, goodness knows the video gold on the original.

avery said...

i was hoping eli would have been in another video.

come to think of it, that's gonna be my emcee/dj name.

Eli Porter. The Notorious E-L-I. The 5th Letter. EPMV - Eli Porter Makin Videos. The V.