Thursday, January 1, 2009

Merry New Year!


Jack T. said...

This movie is the reason I hated "Norbit." Eddie used to be an icon. Now my little cousins barely know who he is.

blackink said...

I know. It's sad isn't it? Trading Places. Beverly Hills Cop. 48 Hours. Boomerang. Especially Coming to America. Hell, even Harlem Nights.

Now he's making movies like "Meet Dave." Sigh.

I think we may have to accept the improbable development that Charlie might now be the funniest Murphy brother.

Jack T. said...

Charlie and Dave Chappelle were a funny combo. Without Charlie there's no "I'm Rick James, bitch!" or that funny Prince sketch where Prince makes them pancakes after a basketball game. "Game. Blouses."

I defend Harlem Nights often. The gunfights are subpar, but the scenes with Richard Pryor and Red Fox are just plain awesome.