Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dodging a bullet

Everyday, we - as Americans - should give endless thanks and praise that John McCain was sent back to the Senate and denied a chance to continue an eight-year U.S. commitment to cowboy foreign diplomacy.

Joe Klein explains:

For two years now, John McCain has been entirely consistent on Iran: every last statement he’s made—at least, those that I’ve seen—has been (a) fabulously uninformed and (b) dangerously bellicose. He’s still at it, apparently. There is no question that President Obama’s more prudent path is the correct one right now. There is also no question that the neoconservatives are trying to gin up this situation into an excuse for not engaging with the Iranian government in the near future—and also as a rationale for their dearest, looniest dream, war with Iran. ...

... The point is, neoconservatives like McCain and Wehner just can’t seem to quit their dangerous habit of making broad, extreme statements based on ideology rather than detailed knowledge of the situation in Iran and elsewhere. This was always the main problem with McCain’s candidacy—he would have been a trigger-happy President, just as Wehner’s old boss, George W. Bush, was. We are well out of that.

Speaking of dangerous and extreme ...

I shudder at the thought.

Again, I'm no foreign policy expert and I have only a functional understanding of what's unfolding over in Iran at the moment. But given what I know about our choices on Nov. 4, I much prefer having a steady, thoughtful, nuanced leader in the White House than McManiac.

Even better, we were spared the prospect of Vice President Sarah Palin.

pound to John Cole. (I also stole the title of this post from J.C. I really couldn't improve upon it)


Jack T. said...

Clown Shoes. Orthopedic Clown Shoes.

Max Reddick said...

I don't believe John McCain has an independent thought outside what the party line calls for. And he doesn't reason. He reacts. I shudder what I think this country would be going through had McCain and Palin (ugh!) had been successful.

blackink said...

Lol, Jack.

And remember that McCain's schtick used to be that he was a "maverick."

Whether he really was or not, it's terrifying to hear him talk about economic and foreign policy issues. Maybe he should just be a commissioner of boxing or something and call it a day.

Max Reddick said...

Maybe he could sweep out the caboose.

KST said...

My eyes start to bleed when I see McCain on my television droning on about this issue. HTF is it that a reporter has not, after staring at him blankly, asked, "John, can you point Iran out on a map?"

If I dig around I bet I will be able to come up with a statement he has made referring to Iranians as "Arabs." Blackink - you know if Mrs. Palin ever makes it into the office she is so obviously gunning for she will make some dumbass goof like that.

Does McCain really not remember why the 1979 revolution took place? Not recall U.S. (not to mention British) involvement in the Shah's father being deposed and his installment? Carter and his request for reform in Iran and what that led to? The CIA and their machinations? Really? Do we think he is this clueless or is he banking on the American public being that damn ignorant?

President Obama is so on point with the way he dealing with this situation. My hope is that the American public will realize that.