Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hawaii: No longer home of the Rainbows

Via The Big Lead, Hawaii football coach Greg McMackin strikes yet another blow against the oppressive forces of common sense, tolerance and political correctness. I salute you, sir:

"I know most of the coaches in the country are rooting for us to beat Notre Dame," McMackin said. "Charlie gives this talk, 'We do something special at Notre Dame,' and(the players) get up and they do this little cheer ... this little faggot dance. ...

... After describing the dances, McMackin asked reporters not to write about it and made a reference to Karl Benson, the WAC commissioner who was in the room.

"Don't write that 'faggot' down. I was misquoted," he said. "Just please … cover for me," McMackin said Thursday. "Go ahead, say ‘faggot dance.’ No. Please cover for me on that, too — right Karl? I’ll deny it. Anything else?"

About 15 minutes after McMackin left the room, he returned and added, "I want to officially, officially apologize. Please don’t write that statement I said as far as Notre Dame. The reason is, I don’t care about Notre Dame. But I’m not a … I don’t want to come out and have every homosexual ticked off at me. You know what I mean. Because I don’t have any problem with homosexuals. But I apologize for saying that and I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t run that word. If you said dance, that’s OK. But don’t use the bad term that I chose, please. Thank you."

I should also mention that the only team in college football known for its pre-game dancing is ... Hawaii:

Nothing gay about that.


KST said...

Oh lord... I am sort of a drive by fan of football due to my alma mater, but I thought of the Hawaii team before I even got to the video. The coach is an idiot, who ran off at the mouth. Funny as hell how he tried to CHA, but kinda sad.

blackink said...

Oh yeah. Buckeyes, no?

This cat ... I predict he won't be long for the sidelines.

KST said...

Yep. Go Bucks! : )

We'll see if he is there in the Fall.