Friday, October 2, 2009

Free Period: Friday Random Ten

Like thousands of bad headline writers before me, I’ll go ahead and indulge my corniest instincts: Blame it on Rio.

Earlier today, Rio de Janiero emerged as the victor in the heated competition to play host for the 2016 Olympic Games. Madrid and Tokyo finished second and third. And Chicago – thought to be one of the favorites coming into the day – finished last.

But there remains lots to love about Chi-Town: the skyline, the deep-dish pizza, the history, the Obamas and, of course, the music.

So over at PostBourgie, we saw fit to honor the great musical tradition of the City of Big Shoulders on a day when the disappointment seems to be weighing pretty heavy this afternoon. My contributions to the list were as follows: Brand New by Rhymefest featuring Kanye West; Reminding Me (of Sef) by Common featuring Chantay Savage; Po Pimp by Do or Die featuring Twista.

As I mentioned over there, off top, I know we missed Muddy Waters, Herbie Hancock, almost anyone who’s ever recorded house music, R. Kelly and, er, Lupe Fiasco (homey is boring, imo). And a couple readers threw Chaka Khan and Lou Rawls into the mix, too. We could run off names all day, you know?

There’s no denying Chicago’s rich musical history. But in the end, it’s hard to compete with this.

At least they’ve got the Cubs.


KST said...

Gritting my teeth over the inclusion of Peepee Head Kelly, but I see your point...sorta. Why you gotta diss Lupe? Okay, I sorta agree here too. Damn. Can you throw up something controversial so I can have an online debate with someone?

blackink said...

Lupe is, um, boring. That controversial enough.

And R Kelly is my guilty pleasure. I've been riding with him for a minute now.

In fact, my first ever e-mail address was I'm still sad that I had to give that one up.

As for the controversy, lol, gimme a bit. I've got a modest goal of posting once a day from here on out. We'll see how it goes.

I was just sorta burnt out on all the extra writing. But I'm feeling the urgency to blog more than ever now.