Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Barack's right-hand man

If Reggie Love can write - and, as a Duke grad, there's no reason to suggest that he can't - he will have a hell of a memoir on his hands someday.

Check out this E:60 report on Love, Barack Obama's right-hand man and former Duke football and basketball star. The segment is appropriately titled "Chief of Stuff." (hat tip to my boy Darryl for the link). Also check out the accompanying story on

To me, Love is proof that sacrifice and versatility can go a long way on a number of levels. For awhile, he was making $20K-something working in a mail room on Capitol Hill. Now he's taking e-mails from Scarlett Johansson and playing pick-up hoops with Barack.
By the way, if Reggie isn't so good with the words, consider this my formal offer to be his ghostwriter. Even though I hate Duke.

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