Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cost-cutting strategies

In these troubled economic times, many of us are figuring out ways to hold on to a few more dollars. For instance, I'm cutting down on crosstown trips, eating out less often and spending almost nothing on clothes for a change.

Some of us are more creative than others.

Thus, I'm going to pass along this list of suggestions from readers who responded to a blog item at my newspaper's Web site. A friend at work sent these along in an e-mail (probably when he should have been working). Enjoy:

I've had to cut back my chef's hours. I had to fire Julio, my junior gardener. I only take my yacht out once a week although that may change since fuel prices have come down so much. These are tough times.
Posted by: Thurston

I now only subscribe to 50 porn sites, instead of 100.
Posted by: Mark Foley

I've had to cut back on the amount of money I spend on hookers.

I'll probably have to start sending my kid to public school now instead of private school. Hopefully he won't start selling crack.

I am now a male stripper to make ends meet and my wife hooks on the weekends.

I only go to the free porn sites now.

I only get a hummer in Drew Park on 2 for 1 or coupon nights! Times are tough.

I only use one square of toilet paper to wipe my butt now, then just lick my hands instead of using water and soap to clean them. I then just flush the toilet every other time i use it......i've saved almost 20 bucks this month off my water bill.

I stopped buying toilet paper and use the free st pete times i get at work instead.

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