Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bad-faith negotiations

I'm a rock-ribbed union guy, and I've participated in several byline strikes during my 8-year career. Working in a union-protected shop is much better than working in one that is not.

But I hope I'm misreading this proposal from the News Media Guild:
The Guild, which represents 1,400 editorial, technology and support workers at AP, has been bargaining with management since October 21 on a new contract to replace the one that expired on November 30.

The Guild said there has been agreement on a handful of articles, "but the sides remain far apart."

It said management had proposed a wage freeze in the first year of a two-year agreement, followed by a two percent increase the following year.

The Guild said it had opened with a 10 percent wage increase proposal, "but has indicated flexibility at the bargaining table."

Ten percent? Certainly that's a misprint.

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