Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I learned something new on my drive to work today: Hardee's is reintroducing the Pork Chop Biscuit. Apparently, now they've added gravy.

Maybe I don't understand the allure, given that I haven't consistently eaten pork since the mid-1990s. But why in the hell would someone partake of something this disgusting?

This doesn't look the least bit appetizing.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I want to be privy to those conversations. Like, let's take THIS and put it with THAT. and then see what happens. Kinda scary.

avery said...

yo. i ain't even gon lie...i might would fool wit that piece. let me come up on a hardees on the wrong day? it might could get it. prolly wouldn't have the sauce, but yahmeen... and i've had pork, like, once since september - cut all the way back. pork chops are the only thing i really miss.

blackink said...

I'm guessing the PCNG biscuit has some appeal. Avery just gave us the 4-1-1 on that one. Lol.

I'm just saying ... I don't think I could get that one down. Even the smell of pork makes me ill these days.

I'd probably retch if someone offered me a pork chop these days. But I can handle some bacon bits on my baked potato.

maria said...

what if rachel ray made it?

blackink said...

Lol. Well, in that case, I might tell her I had just eaten an hour prior or so and then stomach a few bites to be nice.

But if it were Giada or Padma or Ingrid Hoffman, I'd order some Big Red to go with it and kill the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

you guys are idiots. "I might could fool with it". what does that mean? yeah right, you don't eat pork, because the bible says its a dirty animal. try basing your decisions on non-fiction instead of superstition. all of you would eat that thing in less than a minute. I just finished one and it was delicious.