Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The case for inclusion

Over at SI.com's Hot Clicks, they're wrapping up in the year in sports with their annual, voter-driven 2008 Clicksy awards.

I don't have much of a quibble with the results - it's their site, their readers, it is what it is.

But these categories caught my attention:

Hottest Athlete Girlfriend Always Featured In Hot Clicks (Major Sport) - Adriana Lima (29%); Gisele Bundchen (24%); Minka Kelly (19%); Jessica Simpson (15%); Kim Kardashian (13%).

Hottest Woman Often Featured In Hot Clicks For No Reason - Stacy Keibler (38%); Jessica Biel (31%); Emmanuelle Chriqui (21%); Blake Lively (9%).
I'm not going to dispute the aforementioned women are attractive. There's really not much of a meaningful debate there. But because Hot Clicks often overlooks ladies of darker persuasion, let me offer a few Dark & Lovelies for future consideration (of course, the First Lady is always tops on my list):

Meagan Good (pictured above) - last I heard, Ms. Good was seeing N.Y. Jets running back Thomas Jones.

Tamia - married to Grant Hill. And I've been digging her since I was 18.

Joumana Kidd - the ex-wife of Mavericks PG Jason Kidd, and the real reason his game has eroded so quickly in the past year.

Gabrielle Union - was once married to an Oakland Raiders fullback, might be dating Dwyane Wade and she seems to generally enjoy the company of athletes.

Beyonce - she is married to a part-owner of the New Jersey Nets, after all.

Others under consideration, for no reason at all: Sanaa Lathan (she was actually a passable WNBA star in "Love and Basketball"); Kerry Washington; Rae Dawn Chong; Zoe Saldana.


avery said...

you better than me, cuz. i don't even look at those lists, for the exact same reason. not to mention that them brahds typically be jive on the scrawny side. and i generally tend towards svelteness, but i'm sayin - neither hocks NOR shanks? nah, b. i'll pass.

blackink said...

No doubt. Just reaffirms for me why BET and TV One and Ebony, to name a few media outlets, will always have their place.

We've got to make sure we love ourselves. Ain't nobody else gonna do it for us.

And "hocks nor shanks." Lol. That's priceless.