Wednesday, December 24, 2008

An early conservative Christmas gift

Making fun of Ann Coulter and her latest missive dubbing Sarah Palin "Conservative of the Year" is chicken soup for the soul.

Here's Steve Benen with a succinct, clear-eyed critique of Coulter's body of work:

... Coulter is a circus clown, and quite possibly a liberal plant meant to make conservatives look ridiculous as part of some kind of satirical performance art ...
And now Ezra Klein wants a piece:
Ann Coulter's column declaring Sarah Palin Human Event's "Conservative of the Year" will prove a rich document for historians trying to understand the death of America's conservative majority.
I tell ya, Coulter and Palin are the gifts that keep on giving. Encore!


Donald Douglas said...

Well, came upon your blog by chance. Here's a Merry Christmas to you (if you celebrate it). We're on the opposite sides of the political aisle but no partisan warfare today! Good will toward all, or however you're supposed to say it.

blackink said...

Hey, welcome to the spot Mr. Douglas. Glad to have you.

And, what's more, I'm all for thoughtful, honest and open discussion of politics. Looking forward to it.

And merry holidays. Or something like that.