Thursday, February 19, 2009

Finding the funny in Obama

This is really cute.

Conserva-tard Michelle Malkin is seen here posing for a picture with fans, some of whom don't seem to mind invoking use of the swastika for political funnies.
O-bama is a Nazi. Get it? This is he-larious. Almost as funny as, oh, I don't know ... comparing him to an escaped ape.

Remember when the punditocracy fretted about how hard it would be to find comedy gold in an Obama Administration? I can only assume they're still mining away.


avery said...

son, i ain't never though that michelle malkin ain't onea the finest women i ever seen, cept if you put some tape on her mouth. but now? she's too far out there.

blackink said...

You know, once upon a time, maybe I was sippin' or the light was at a good angle on her face, and I sorta thought she was aight. Like, decent. A one-hitter quitter or something.

But I can't even look at her without getting a little nauseous now.