Monday, March 30, 2009

Free period

A Sweet Sixteen of links, if you will:

1. At least on my end, there's not much to say about the March 17 traffic stop of NFL players Ryan Moats and his family outside a hospital where his mother-in-law lay dying. Anything I'd say would be too obvious. But watching the video of the confrontation, one thing stuck with me: if Moats had been even a little more agitated, he might have been Tasered or shot. That self-control might have saved his life. But to those that knew him from his high school days in Dallas, Moats' composure was no surprise.

2. The same cop also had a traffic stop run-in with the wife of NFL player Zach Thomas. It ended with her handcuffed and taken to the county jail. Not much of a stretch to say he's a rogue, eh? DPD should rid itself of this guy, if only to avoid a humongous lawsuit.

3. A couple more Moats-related links: his recent interview with a Dallas radio sports station and Officer Powell's MySpace profile, which is obviously set to private.

3. If we hope to avoid a depression, Simon Johnson thinks we should reconsider how much political power our financial sector has accumulated over the past couple of decades. The U.S. has the look of an "emerging market," according to Johnson. This is not a good thing.

4. Like a lot of cities, Portland and Detroit are in trouble.

5. However, Compton - of all places - is showing a lot of improvement.

6. Someday, Galveston will turn to the gaming industry. It's absolutely inevitable. And I wonder what that will mean for Louisiana.

7. Jamison Foser has some important advice for political reporters who are bored with President Obama's professorial tendencies. Eric Boehlert has more about this meme.

8. Think having children will make you happy? Think again. (More on this in a later post. I really need to be careful with this one).

9. Behind the scenes as CNN's Ed Henry goes to Jack in the Box. Hilarity ensues.

10. The arrogance of wealth provides a lot of the fuel for populist anger, I think. That goes for newspaper companies, too.

11. David Simon is not through with the Baltimore Sun. Not at all.

12. Working for Lenny Dystrka sucks.

13. Is Jon Stewart this generation's Ed Murrow? For our sake, he might have to be.

14. In hip-hop news, Damon Dash is delusional and Diddy is being sued for allegedly preferring Gamma Rays.

15. From the conk, to the natural, to the 'Fro, to locks and more: a slideshow of black men's hair through history. h/t AT.

16. The cards don't lie: Miss Cleo is still dabbling in voodoo. And she's now a lesbian activist.

Whew. More later.


Bougie Applebum said...

I've been on the receiving end of a middle of the night phone call saying - come to the hospital before a relative passes.

I shutter to think how I might have reacted had I been stopped and detained a mere footsteps away from my dying relative. My emotions shift from shock, to anger, to pure sadness in mere seconds every time I read this story.

blackink said...

Yeah. It would have gone a lot worse for a bunch of people in the same situation.

Moats pretty much behaved the way my folks always told me to in similar situations. But obviously, that's easier said than done.