Friday, April 10, 2009


After hilzoy's moving post on the reasons some women stay in abusive relationships, professional online turd Steve Sailer had to chime in with some ugliness:

"the two most common times for violence to start were the honeymoon and the first pregnancy."

Honeymoon? Yeah, right ... What percentage of domestic abuse cases are even married? What century are you talking about? The 19th? Three out of eight babies born in 2007 were born out of wedlock.

They're just yanking your chain with their honeymoon stories. The violence started long before.

Look, it's mostly really simple: these women have sex with violent men because they find violent men sexy."

He's clearly a man in serious need of attention or therapy. Or maybe he's bad at telling jokes. But what do you expect for a guy who's most recent book is titled: "America's Half Blood Prince: Barack Obama's Story of 'Race and Inheritance'"?

Either way, don't let it detract from hilzoy's post. Consider it a must-read.


Anonymous said...

good story she wrote. i think a lot of people will venture to say women stay out of stupidity, but i think she clearly outlined why, even if it doesnt make sense from the outside looking in.

blackink said...

Right, right, right. I definitely think that's what she was getting at.

There's no way to know how anyone would react in a similar situation, unless of course, they'd be in said situation.

I do think some of the commenters made some good points, though, about how we really need to study the abusers more too. In the end, they're the ones with the problem.