Monday, May 25, 2009

Please, stop saying that

Rev. Al Sharpton: "the voice of black America."


KST said...

But he DOES speak for me and all of the all of the other black folks in America! As a matter of fact - The Right Rev. Sharpton speaks for the entire African Diaspora! Was there ever any doubt?


Thank you for the add. : )

Max Reddick said...

Was there a vote? Did I miss it?

Jack T. said...

Al is among the last of a (hopefully) dying breed. Hopefully when he and folks like him move on, the mainstream media will put the mike in front of folks like Eugene Robinson, Jon Capehart, and TNC.

Anonymous said...

lol! sooo many thoughts on that one. homie spoke at bible based sunday and i was like, ok, youre not that bad. but lets not act like you are MY voice or that of anyone elses i know!

blackink said...

Yeah, Cami. I was thinking about that after I posted it.

Like, I have no problems with Rev. Sharpton. Really. He's earned his stripes, and in general, I think he's a sensible guy.

But we have to shake people of the notion that there's such a thing as a black spokesperson. I/we/black people are not a monolith.

TNC has a great riff about this subject. I'll add a link a little later.