Friday, June 5, 2009


Former patients are honoring the late George Tiller the best way they can. By telling their stories.

Please, read some of them.

Because we've heard too much, too often, too loudly, from people who know not of what they speak.


MetropolitanMagnolia said...

Thank you for posting this. Nobody WANTS to make the trip to Kansas; these are people who love their children.

blackink said...

Thanks. I think that's what gets lost in the debate, especially when it comes to the sort of work Dr. Tiller was doing.

Unless you're a sociopath, no one wants an abortion. Especially a late-term abortion.

Also, we've heard too much from men. I think it's time for people to hush and hear out the women who actually go through this process.

KST said...

I am one of those fence sitters people in this debate cannot stand: Personally pro-life, but wouldn't deny another their right to make a different choice.

Aborting because the child may have special needs is a subject I can speak on - briefly. My mother chose to not have children due to learning that any child she would have would be born with severe birth defects - I am adopted. I work with special needs children - many of whom their parents were told to abort. The freedom to choose is a very powerful thing indeed...

When I was eighteen, I had a miscarriage in the second trimester. This was after I had seriously considered an abortion. A lonely (even with a partner) personal hell is what many women face during this decision making process. It enrages me to hear ignorant men and women judge about matters of which they have no personal knowledge of.

My prayers go out to the Dr.'s family.

blackink said...

Thanks for sharing that, KST. I'm mostly at a loss for words. Which is how it should be, I think.

It should go without saying, but you've got a perspective about "choice" that no man - especially someone like me or William Saletan - could ever have.