Friday, July 3, 2009

Best I Ever Had

Anyone else seen this video? It's most certainly NSFW:

Um. Yeah. Don't blame me. I'm just the messenger.

But really, a female friend of mine found the video to be terribly offensive. The First Lady had no reaction to speak of.

I, on the other hand, would have been completely, er, titillated were I still 21. At the moment, I'm not sure what I think about it. In a way, I'm trying to appeal to my better angels.


KST said...

Maybe there is something wrong with me that I'm not getting all of the hype?

Drake, to me, = Kanye Lite

Good luck with those "better angels."

Bougie Applebum said...

This is out of my age jurisdiction so forgive me for not getting hot and bothered. I literally fell out laughing when Drake muttered the words - "When they give you THE D take that D" which to me probably has a hidden meaning that is not related to basketball at all. Could this be degrading to women? Meh - probably. But it's not the first and it surely won't be the last. As long as we have women willing to sign up for their 15 minutes of shame in videos like this one there's really not much to say.

We could look at this video as possessing a hidden message. One of the girls told Drake (after their tragic loss) that all he taught the team was 'stretching exercises' - which we all saw through the video. Basically the gist is, Drake viewed them as eye candy but didn't take the time to develop the team to compete with the rest.

Which can show us - looks ain't everything. Pretty-so-pretty don't mean sh!tty if you don't have the skills or brains to back it up.

avery said... am i wrong for "listening to it" on mute?

i'm just sayin.

blackink said...

Lol. Nah, fam. We're right there.

My thing is, I'm thinking Drake went about this the wrong way. He's already turned off some of the female fans who were almost certainly gonna make him a star.

He's waaaay too early into his career to come out with a video like this. Kanye could get away with it; not a rookie.

But ... uh ... I see ya, Ave. I'd friend this video on Facebook if I could.