Thursday, July 2, 2009

Michael's real choice of moms

According to gossip Web site TMZ, Debbie Rowe is going to fight for custody of the two children born during her three-year marriage to Michael Jackson.

But using my deeply embedded sources in Los Angeles, I was able to procure a recent copy of Michael Jackson's will. Of particular interest was the list of women Jackson preferred - in ascending order - to take custody of his three children in the event of his death.

Debbie might have to get in line.

Keep this on the low. And don't tell anyone else where you saw this:

1. Mom. :)

2. Diana Ross.

3. Rebbie.

4. Janet.

5. Jackie, Marlon, Jermaine or Tito. Whoever calls dibs.

6. Angela Bassett.

7. The Liberian Girl.

8. Dirty Diana.

9. Debbie.

10. Billie Jean.

11. Emmanuel always told me Katherine was nice. Maybe her.

12. Anyone but Joe or LaToya.


Max Reddick said...

Hilarious! Liked it! But since you appear to be in the know, I have a few questions for you.

1. Didn't he already pay Debbie Rowe off two or three times already?

2. Those kids seem to be lacking pigment in their skin. What gives?

2. And speaking of Debbie Rowe, you think he really hit that? I'm just saying.

KST said...

@ blackink: Damn! You had me going - then I reached # 5. That was just wrong.

@ Max: I understand the issues surrounding the color in the MJ offspring (till I'm shown a DNA test tha's what I'm callin'them)and what that ultimately says about his worldview. My question to you is: why does it matter? They are his children. Why all the obsession with the biology of it all? I'm looking for commentary other than the pathology of MJ's apparent need to turn himself into a white girl.

Clearly the chances that all three children MJ's bio kids are pretty slim. Again, so what? Anyone with at least one functioning eyeball can see that the man had some issues with his appearance for whatever reason. Why the feigned shock?