Friday, July 25, 2008

Cambio you can believe in

What accounts for this drastic sea change in the battle for Hispanic voters?

I try not to read too much into polls, especially those taken about four months before the votes are actually tallied. But the Pew Research Center's latest results are pretty stupefying - they call it a "sharp reversal."

Not only has Barack Obama taken a huge lead over John McCain in the race to woo Hispanics; Obama appears to be more favorable among Hispanics than even Hillary Clinton these days - perhaps ending all talk about an Obama-Clinton "Dream Team" ticket for good.


John P. Araujo said...

I don't believe that the Obama-Clinton ticket is ever going to happen. It would hurt Obama much more than it would help him. He just doesn't need the grief. He's better off going with someone else. My suggestion - and I made this a long time ago before that report about Hispanics for Obama came out - is Bill Richardson. The African American/Hispanic ticket will be too much for the media to resist gushing about. An Obama/Richardson ticket would be win/win for him.

blackink said...

JP, I totally agree with you about HRC and, at some point, I plan to go into a little more depth on my (ill-informed) opinion about Obama's veep search.

That said, I'm not sure how much Bill Richardson really adds to the bottom half of a presidential ticket. Richardson has got the foreign policy experience that some claim Obama lacks but doesn't really help Barack in an important "swing" state like Virginia or Ohio. Then again, maybe he could help sew up Nevada or Colorado for the Democrats.

We'll see. Bichardson has to be considered but I think he could play a better role in the eventual Obama Administration.