Friday, July 25, 2008

Going Geek

Maybe "Geeks" are cooler - and better for the bottom line - than previously thought. The Geek Squad, that is.

USA Today reports that Best Buy has thrived of late while Circuit City has taken a nosedive, in part, because of differing approaches to customer service. In short, Best Buy believes in it and Circuit City doesn't.

To me, this seems a rather elementary aspect of good business: customers respond better to retailers who are helpful and knowledgeable and personable, especially in a market with increasingly sophisticated equipment and software.

With few exceptions, I won't spend more than $500 on anything without consulting someone who seems to have a modicum of expertise about the item. To me, this is only being a reasonable consumer. I can't afford to make ill-informed decisions when the stakes - and prices - are that high.

On some level, according to USA Today, Best Buy seems to grasp this much better than its faltering rival.

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Donecia Pea said...

(Ok, so I'm reading these posts chronologically backwards.) It's so strange that Circuit City hasn't grasped this concept of decent customer service. In fact, it's downright amazing.

Even without the Geek Squad, Best Buy wins me over every time over Circuit City. It all starts when you walk in the door.

When I walk in the door of any Best Buy, I'm always immediately bombarded with greetings by folks wearing blue or yellow shirts.

But let me walk into any Circuit City anywhere and not only do those red shirt-wearing folks not say anything. They don't even budge.

In fact, it's hard to find them at all.