Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No more N-word. On here.

Were I not already besotted with my lovely copy editor, Megan McArdle would be a strong contender for boo status given her nuanced take on the use of the "N-word." Megan is talking mostly about the "N-word" in relation to white folks but offers a lovely rebuttal to aspiring Mensa candidate Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

I sincerely hope this is the last time we go here. This issue is bombed out and depleted like certain parts of Afghanistan.

But the topic was renewed yesterday when I was told by a certain family member that my tacit allowance of the use of the word by black people was "disappointing" and proof that I had changed "but not for the better."

Obviously, I disagree.


Zen said...

I can't understand why this debate is relevant. Intelligent people are so caught up by this word.

My personal perspective is that it's a word. It means what I let it mean, and anyone has the right to use it. I have the right to interpret your use of the word when it's directed at me.

If someone calls you something you don't like, or uses language around you that you're uncomfortable with. Cut them off.

I'd rather white people WHO REALLY HAVE A HANKERING TO USE THE WORD, use the word. At least I would know where they stand. I'm not comfortable with people thinking I'm a NIGGER and not saying it.

blackink said...

Absolutely. I'm all for people speaking their truth and reveal themselves.

If they're feeling froggy enough to call me a "nigger," then they should just jump.