Monday, September 8, 2008

Britney's big apology and other thoughts on the VMAs

Between the breaks in the highly entertaining Bears-Colts game last night, I flipped over to MTV to watch a few snippets of the Video Music Awards.

I probably would have been better off watching beer commercials.

Not to be a fuddy duddy and all but I think I'm no longer a member of MTV's target audience. I couldn't help but think about how out of touch and how conservative I've become in recent years.

But though the VMAs don't require much thinking, with apologies to Peter King, here's 10 Things I Think I Think about the show (links to come later):

1. I've got to believe the entire show was MTV's nationally televised apology to Britney Spears for allowing her to embarrass herself during last year's opening act. No way Spears deserved three "Moon Men" for any work she's done in the past year.

2. But she looked good. Good for her.

3. I just don't get Russell Brand. Is he supposed to be funny or something?

4. Not to mention, is it still cool to make fun of virgins? I thought we pretty much deaded all that in high school.

5. Maybe my age is starting to show but, man, Lil' Wayne, would it kill you to pull up your pants?

6. I think T-Pain looks like the pixie that sent Dave Chappelle to Africa. Seriously. Even Sambo would be ashamed.

7. I'm thinking Lindsay Lohan finally got her chance to meet Michael Phelps last night. I wonder how that all went down?

8. I'm becoming my father, in a way. Meaning that I'm almost completely unaware of the popular artists of today. Like, honestly, I could hit the Jonas Brothers with my car and not know who they were.

9. Maybe it was the suit, but Kanye looked a little like Medgar Evers last night.

10. And it's going to take some time but maybe, just maybe, I might like Kanye's new song "Love Lockdown." Sort of reminds me of the turn Andre 3000 made for "The Love Below."

Bonus: They should make Chris Brown perform, always, at the VMAs. Especially if he does things like this. That boy is good.


Librachick said...

Man, I said the EXACT same thing last year when I watched the VMAs - that I think I've outgrown MTV. That's specifically why I refused to watch it this year. I felt like last year's show was the biggest waste of my time ever.

One of my friends called me last night reminding me to watch it and I told her to just text me if something interesting happens. I never got a text, lol.

blackink said...

Trust me. You didn't miss much. At all.

I keep wondering, what's the payoff here? Is there some grand finale that I'm supposed to be waiting for?

If there was one, I must have missed it.

avery said...

i ain't watch the whole joint, but i saw the stand up dude at the beginning. (was that russell brand?) i thought the virgin jokes were way corny. i'm sittin there like, 'really?' then i had to check myself for even still bein on the channel, like, 'really?' that was the last i saw of it.

John P. Araujo said...

It's funny what we used to think of as cool back in high school and how we see the same things today.

blackink said...

Avery, most def, the M.C. was Russell Brand. He made the show almost unwatchable. That guy's career in America should pretty much be over after that debacle.