Saturday, September 13, 2008

Unsound advice

Willam Rhoden, who possesses an impressive wealth of knowledge about the history of the black athlete, may have the right diagnosis for Vince Young. But his prescription is reckless:

A younger generation of African-American athletes, used to being coddled and pampered, may not be prepared for the rude awakening of a double standard when performance doesn’t measure up quickly enough.

We are wisely taught to never forget. You can’t remember what you never knew.

Young doesn’t need a psychologist. He needs a history lesson.

It's that sort of condescending and dismissive attitude that has made depression and mental illness taboo in the black community. There's a serious danger in implying Young would be better off talking to Warren Moon or Vince Evans than a medical professional, especially when there's been talk of depression and suicide.

I expected better than that from Rhoden. Perhaps he'd do well to familiarize himself with some of the research. He could use a history lesson of his own.

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