Thursday, September 18, 2008

Random thoughts

I'm going to live up to the banner of this blog and just give you some hot fire for, say, about 15 or 20 minutes. Some sports, some politics, some truly random stuff.

Then I'm gonna order some Chinese food, settle into my couch and watch the second half of this very entertaining West Virginia-Colorado game. Unless I change my mind. Which I reserve the right to do at all times. Call me a flip-flopper, if you must:

Stefan Latsis of Slate finally brings some nuance to the ongoing discussion about Vince Young. I'm not questioning Young's commitment to the game, at all. But, speaking from experience, I really think people would be surprised at how much football players actually hate the game. Not the games. The game.

So, the Virginia GOP has enlisted George Allen to help with minority outreach efforts. I can only assume it's because Lynn Westmoreland wasn't available.

I think Tavaris Jackson and Todd Boeckman got a couple of raw deals from their coaches this week. Especially Boeckman. To me, those are just a couple of overly reactionary, spineless moves by coaches who should know better.

Via UBM, the same Neo-Nazi who wanted to see Leonard Pitts killed now wishes the same fate upon Barack Obama. Go figure. I must warn you, though, prepare to feel very, very unnerved.

The 2 Live Stews are trying pick the best wide receiver from a group that includes Jerry Rice, Randy Moss, Cris Carter, Terrell Owens, Michael Irvin, Steve Smith, Marvin Harrison and, ahem, Keyshawn Johnson. If it were all about the eyes and mind, I'm going with Randy Moss. No one causes more nightmares for defensive coordinators and the two top-scoring offenses in NFL history had Moss as the featured pass-catcher. But my heart tells me it's Jerry Rice. No one did it better for longer than Jerry.

I think I agree with Bill Maher (at 4:40 or so): John McCain, if he were to be elected president, could possibly get us all killed. He needs to leave that macho shit alone. The thing about calling out folks - Russia and Iran, in particular - is that sometimes, your card gets pulled. And I don't think anyone really wants to engage in a war, of any sort, with either of those countries.

Speaking of which, I'm really, really enjoying Rachel Maddow's new show on MSNBC. But we already know that I'm "Gay for Rachel."

I was thinking, today, while chilling near a college campus (for work purposes, of course) that it would be cool to have a close friend with an accent. Makes everyone in the group seem smarter, for whatever reason.

I'm officially going on the stump for "Buppies." One, because Tatiana Ali is involved and that's something I can get behind. Two, because I actually know someone who has a role in the show (though I'm not going to reveal her identity until I get permission). Enjoy.

Oh, and for absolutely no reason at all: Positive K. "I'm not waiting because I'm no waiter/So when I blow up, don't try to kick it to me later."

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Anonymous said...

There was a letter in the paper today that referred to Obama's "Arab blood." The racist hate campaign will get uglier and more overt as we get closer to November and a realization kicks in that "this guy could really win."