Monday, November 3, 2008

B.O. says no to BCS

I'm going to make an endorsement here, but man, I can definitely get behind a presidential candidate who wants a playoff for college football. Us believers in the bracket could use some White House might.

Barack Obama is indeed a man of uncommon sense.

UPDATE: Not surprisingly, I disagree with McCain's concern about performance-enhancing drugs in sports. I just can't summon any outrage about this. And I don't think the fans really care about this anymore either.

UPDATE 2: Nice riff from McCain about "that's why they play the game." Then he went off into something about "country first ... yada yada yada ... jay-vee football." (Yawn). I damn near tuned him out.


John P. Araujo said...

I also say no to the BCS, and have said so for years. I feel that the BCS robs us of the classic underdog story in which a small school like TCU takes on the likes of USC to win the championship. Nope, what we get is big schools rewarding big schools for belonging to conferences of big schools, while the other schools have to go begging just to get a look their way.

Also, could you clarify your views regarding performance enhancing drugs? Are you saying that you are not opposed to athletes using them?

blackink said...

Right. I just believe that if everyone doesn't have a shot at the national title, then we should find different divisions or leagues for them to compete in. I'm reminded of the undefeated 2006Boise State team that knocked off Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl.

It just doesn't seem fair that Boise didn't have a shot, at all, at competing for the championship. I mean, what's the point of all this? If schools aren't all realistically competing for the same thing, then we should be looking at some alternatives.

As for PEDs, pretty much. I don't think there's a foolproof way to prevent the use. Scientists and athletes are always yards ahead of enforcement. So, I say, let them do what they must to compete. We're talking about a very minute percentage of society here. As for kids, like anything else, parents must be vigilant about making sure they don't get access to these drugs and that they're educated about the potential dangers.

We're ridiculously inconsistent in that regard. NFL players load themselves up with painkillers, for instance, just to make it through Sundays. Is that not a performance-enhancer?