Saturday, November 8, 2008

Real talk

Before I blog any more, I thought it important to explain my unintentionally cryptic post from a couple days ago.

In short, I picked a really bad time to pick up an increasingly obsessive habit. I explained in the "About Me" section of this site that change is afoot. Well, I wasn't lying.

A couple of days ago, I looked up and realized that my home office was a mess, I hadn't finished a book in about four months, I'd been slacking on my workout routine, I wasn't studying enough for The Test and, every so often, I would be furiously pounding away on my laptop instead of spending q.t. with the First Lady.

That's no way to live. So things must change.

I'll still post semi-regularly, which for me, comes out to about once a day or once every couple of days. I plan to increase the pace on Thursdays and Saturday, my days off from work. That means disciplining myself against blogging about any and everything, as I've been wont to do over the past couple months.

It could also mean that I'll be a better blogger, posting more thoughtful and well-written items instead of ill-conceived and poorly executed ones. We'll see what happens.

I've often asked the First Lady what I'd blog about in the days after the Nov. 4 elections. As a guy who nearly double-majored in journalism and political science, I don't want to be a person who is more interested in campaigns than government. That seems shallow. But I also want to feel more free to blog about the other things that interest me - football, music, football, pirates, pop culture, the absurd and football.

The First Lady reminded me: "You know you're not getting paid for this, right?"

Yeah. That woman could be my salvation yet.

UPDATE: I hate the phrase "real talk." In fact, I often mock it. But, yo, I was fresh out of ideas for the title.


John P. Araujo said...

My two cents, I've been amazed at your output. I say go ahead and try to emphasize quality over quantity in your blog if it will help you out in your life outside the blog ("Life outside the blog? What's that?"). I think you can handle it easily. And yes, it could make you a better blogger. However, don't be afraid to still post the goofy stuff. The occassional goofy stuff keeps blogs from becoming stuffy. Do what you need to do, dude - just don't go away. You're one of the few blogs that I keep up with.

blackink said...

Oh, I could never stop being goofy. That just wouldn't be like me.

And I don't think I could stop blogging, even if I wanted to. Sadly enough, I think I'm addicted.

But thanks, JP. Much obliged.