Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Questions

After about four hours of sleep, I stirred from a deep, blissful sleep and was reminded the country had elected a black president. I quickly turned to CNN to make sure people hadn't changed their minds.

And I'm just some schmoe writer in Tampa. Can you imagine the feelings surging through Barack Obama this morning?

Part of the reason I aspired to become a journalist as a child was because I'm extremely nosy. I like to get information. If you know me, trust me, I've got some weird questions for you that I'll probably never ask.

Thus, if I had my chance to interview President Elect Obama today, here's a few of the questions I'd like to ask:

1. Did you sleep at all last night? If so, for how long?
2. What did you order for breakfast this morning? And what did you have for dinner last night?
3. How hard was it for you not to cry when you mentioned your grandmother during your acceptance speech?
4. Do you really want to leave Chicago for D.C.? Just saying.
5. What music did you listen to this morning when you woke up? And what was the last song you heard before you learned that you won?
6. What did you really want to say to John McCain when he called you to concede?
7. Who did you actually call last night? Not who called you. But who did you call once you were told that you were the winner?
8. Is today a bit of a letdown?
9. Uh, so, what did you and Michelle do last night after you got home?
10. Are you weird around Jill Biden after that awkward kiss you all shared during the Democratic National Convention?
11. This one from the First Lady: What did it feel like to vote for yourself?
12. This one for the new First Lady: Aren't you glad you got over that thing about dating co-workers?
13. This one for everyone: Do you think we'll ever elect a gay or Muslim president?

I'll probably have more later. Until then, here's something from Common to get the juices flowing. We did it, eh?

UPDATE: 14. Did you run a little Just for Men in your hair last night? Seems like you had a little less gray than usual.


Anonymous said...

I love the questions! They'd make for a great story. Meanwhile, I'm trying to get that White House nanny gig to watch the girls and the new dog ...

blackink said...

Wow. See ... I was figuring out how could I get my resume onto his desk in the Oval Office.

Maybe he could pay me to rebound for him when he shoots hoops at the White House gym? There's a gym, right?