Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Karrine "Superhead" Steffans is most certainly not a housewife. But does she have to be a ho?

I had an interesting dialogue with some of my e-friends today after someone passed along this link of her speaking to an unusually unruly group of students at Cal State University, Northridge.
Of course, the tell-all, former video vixen inspires a lot of negative opinions. And with good reason, given how she aired out some of the more unsavory chapters of her life and took down other people with her (um, sometimes, literally).

But I have a problem with calling her a "ho." Here's what I sent to the group:

I have real problems with the use of the word "ho" in that context. I just don't understand why we're so quick to make character judgments about people sleeping around, unless they're married, making babies they can't take care of or passing around disease.

I don't want to be judged on my sexual history, such as it is. I don't think anyone does. What's the number that officially sends a person into "ho" status? 20? 50? 100? I might use those numbers to judge whether or not I can enter a relationship with such a person. But, on a larger scale, I don't know if that would be very useful.

You know, I heard this old joke that sorta summed it up: "A promiscuous person is someone who's had sex with one more partner than you."

Now, as I suggested in another part of the conversation, you might argue that she was - quite literally - a "whore." She had sex for money and other favors, no? I'm not going to make a judgment as to whether that's bad or good or something more complex.

Because then we might get into a discussion about whether prostitution should be legal. And that's a conversation for another time, not the holidays.


avery said...

yo. I'm A Ho. That was my joint! I remember me and some friends was out in the park bustin on each other and somebody was like, 'I'm a ho, you know I'm a ho. I rock your mama and your auntie after every show.' Needless to say, that's my favorite version.

blackink said...

Haha. I tell you what, I grew up snapping on folks. At some point, someone or they mama was gonna be called a ho. You just had to be prepared to duck, just in case someone wasn't fam and didn't understand.

But people forget about Whodini, man. I grew up on those cats.