Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Dream Team

For reasons that can't be fully explained, I absolutely detest golf. The "sport" is totally unwatchable and, in the wise words of Twain, a good walk spoiled.

I once thought about taking up golf for purely professional reasons. But I couldn't fake my way though the hatred long enough to even go out to the driving range. I guess I was waiting for a time when pick-up hoops might become the white-collar daily distraction of choice.

Well, looks like that day might finally be here. Obama seems to be bringing a "team of ballers" to the White House:

Omniscient reader EC notes something crucial about new appointees James Jones, Eric Holder and Timothy Geithner: They all play Obama's favorite sport. Jones played forward at Georgetown. Geithner reportedly likes himself a good pickup game. And the Times says Eric Holder was once known, impressively, for his "easy dunk." (Cracks EC: "Not even Janet Reno could do that.")

Update: Susan Rice, too! (Sez Ben).

Also in the mix is Paul Volcker, who will head the Economic Recovery Advisory Board for Obama. Volcker is 6′8″ and played basketball in high school. Secretary of Homeland Security nominee and Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano has apparently done some "coaching." And we already know that his brother-in-law and "body man" got serious game, too.

Obama's got a full bench. So, no, I don't think there's any room for the "Barracuda."

But is it really a surprise that the guy who plans to establish an Office of Urban Policy would be in love with the city game? Holder even tried out a little trash talk on his boss, saying, "I’m not sure he’s ready for my New York game.”

Man, that's change we can all believe in.

Photo from The AP.

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