Saturday, December 6, 2008

What's my problem?

First, I can't seem to stop blogging. Even after I promised I wouldn't.

Secondly, last night I watched the entirety of the MAC football championship game between then-undefeated Ball State and Buffalo. I'm already trying to come to grips with the upcoming end of the college football season. Consider it therapy.

Anyway, unless you watched the game last night - and let's be honest, you probably didn't - you won't get the joke above. But, trust me, it's hilarious.

The game itself was interesting, too. Buffalo head coach Turner Gill has orchestrated an unbelievable turnaround with the Bulls, a program that had won just just 10 games in seven seasons before he took over the program in 2006. It's nearly on par with what Bill Snyder accomplished at Kansas State in the early '90s.

Let's hope someone isn't silly enough to push him into taking the Mississippi State job, a thankless job if there ever was one. But Auburn? we're talking.

(h/t Deadspin)

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