Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What's playing in my deck

A special iTunes edition.

After yesterday's riff about my rediscovered love for BBD's "Do Me," I came up with five songs buried in my playlist that had to meet only one requirement: the title had to be a two-word directive ending in "me."

1. Sex Me by R. Kelly - I've previously discussed how "12 Play" was truly a pivotal moment in my childhood. There just couldn't be a list without this slow-jam classic from Kels.

2. Tell Me by Groove Theory - For the longest, I had a crush on Amel. I wonder whatever happened to her? She had a really chill vibe.

3. Groove Me by Guy - For real, Guy was one of the all-time best R&B groups of my lifetime. No foolin'. I miss New Jack Swing.

4. Freak Me (remix) by Silk - I've often wondered how many of today's teenagers were conceived to this song. It was a mixtape staple back in the day.

5. Show Me by John Legend - A little something to cool out to. One of my favorites from, to me, his best album.


Anonymous said...

i love groove theory! good choice. and amel went solo and has some great albums, too. one song called 'make me whole' in particular is a great slow jam.
and i love that john legend song, too. so smooth.

avery said...

oh, snaps! i'm playin!

blackink said...

@Avery: Come with it, man. I truly couldn't find any other ones.

@Cami: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I forgot about her solo stuff. I also think she did some stuff as part of a group called "Sweetback," right?