Friday, January 30, 2009

General Lee, Steve Spurrier and Change

While pondering the poor tackling of high school students, investigating the college plans of kids who mostly resemble helmeted Godzillas and making fun of Bobby Bowden, my new favorite college football blog stumbled across this gem:
“Steve Spurrier won the Heisman Trophy when all the black guys were in Vietnam.”

Not that my father would have won the Heisman or anything, but you know, that's pretty much true.

Folk are different here in the South, of course. Most of the icons down here made their mark when folks were still drinking from separate water fountains. Even today, in some parts, it's best not to speak ill of Robert E. Lee, Bear Bryant (in Texas, it's Darrell Royal) or Col. Sanders (you know where he really got those spices from) in mixed company. Assuming the company is all that mixed.

Hell, the other weekend - a few miles away from my office - a group of folks got together for their annual reenactment of a local Civil War battle. I've been told that they've had problems in recent years finding soldiers to fight for the Yankees. Everyone wants to play for the losing team, apparently. At least, I assume they lose.

I can understand the longing for the past. Seems as if most of our local legends are dead or dying or their legend is on life support. Even the Ol' Ball Coach and Bobby Bowden aren't immune anymore.

This was some deeply serious funny from Tim Wilson. That's some change we can believe in.


avery said...

Jokers even callin for Joe Pa to step down. Been callin for it, actually.

Maybe in the next coaching shift, we'll get our collegiate Tony Dungy and Mike Tomlin.

blackink said...

It'd be nice. I would guess, other than Eddie Robinson, the most successful big-school black coach of our time has been ... Ty Willingham at Stanford?

It's weird how Jim Caldwell probably wouldn't have gotten another shot in college but wound up with the top job in Indy.