Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Getting to know me

As usual, I'm jacking a blog idea from A.T. This one is from Facebook, a list of 25 random facts about myself. They're all mostly true:

1. I will struggle mightily to come up with a list of 25 things worth mentioning about my life. I'm also sorry for tagging you. Feel free to ignore the rules.

2. I think eight months of unemployment was the best thing to ever happen to me. No, really.

3. I was down to my last unemployment check ($632 every two weeks) when I started my new gig in Shreveport a week later. This reminded me that God may not come when you want him, but he’s always on time.

4. I often wonder why I even bother trying to make a living at journalism. I get really discouraged when I read exceptionally talented writers. Strangely enough, I started feeling this way after I started blogging.

5. I’m too passionate about too many things to remain professionally objective for much longer.

6. I hated my high school and college while I was a student. Now I realize I was having a grand old time. What the hell was I complaining about? If anything, it's taught me to appreciate the moment.

7. I’m a lot more interested in the honeymoon than the wedding.

8. I think 30 is the new 30.

9. I find myself missing Shreveport and Bossier City a lot more than I ever thought I would. But I can’t imagine not living near a beach again.

10. I really, really like Mexican food. Especially beef enchiladas. And especially Uncle Julio’s off I-20 near the Camp Bowie exit in Fort Worth.

11. I wonder who opens the jars and gets things off the top shelf for my mom when I’m not home.

12. I would ask you really personal, really intimate questions if left to my own devices and if I didn’t have home training. I’m thinking of some of them now.

13. I would like to take a trip to Toronto (or Montreal) and then Havana. I need to make this happen.

14. I do not have 348 friends (on Facebook). I do not know how that happened. I share in the blame for this.

15. I know that I owe at least a couple of people really deep, heart-felt apologies. Someday, I suppose.

16. I used to believe that most people in my life, with few exceptions, were expendable. I don’t quite feel that way anymore.

17. I have never been to Europe or Africa. That sucks.

18. I mourn the loss of having a true team to root for. For whatever reason, I’ve taken to rooting against teams. The Dallas Cowboys and the University of Texas, in particular. And maybe LSU and the University of Florida now. I love it when they fail.

19. I think the Houston Rockets’ first NBA title cured me of caring about whether or not my team wins a championship. It was then that I realized, ‘man, I’m not getting a ring for this.’

20. I will not stop until I get under 200 pounds. There’s no need for someone my height to be this damn big.

21. I mourn the loss of civility. What the hell is wrong with being “politically correct”? Where I come from, they call that manners and home training.

22. I once told (lied to) a college class that my father won a Sherman Helmsley look-alike contest in lieu of telling them something interesting from my own life.

23. I have a total of 20 uncles and aunts, or at least, I used to. Some of you might be my cousins and I’d really have no clue. If you’re from Pine Bluff or Hot Springs, Arkansas, or West Monroe, Louisiana, there’s a good chance we’re kinfolk.

24. I really think J. Anthony Brown stole my bit about “Tambourine Man.” I was the only person making fun of folks who play the tambourine a few years ago.

25. I think my life will get a lot more interesting in the next 5 years. I’m grateful I’ve got the First Lady to take the journey with me.


melinda said...

Aww, your so sweet. We'll try and make the wedding fun.

blackink said...

No doubt, I'm sure the day will be special. All of it.

Especially if I bust out my bright red tux with no sleeves. Or that authentic Lamont Sanford tux that I was talking about. ;)

Jack T. said...

BI, I recommend the powder blue tux, yo. That, or something made by Cross Colours.

I feel you on #s 15, 20, & 21. I think we all have a lot to work on. But with President Obama rehabilitating the economy, maybe I can do the same for myself so that when things are decent again, I'll be decent too. I'm not sure that makes sense, but it is a feeling I have that I can't shake.

avery said...

22 is that fiyah! i wish i could have thought of somethin like that.

instead, my best trick in undergrad was doing a research project on lap dancing...that entailed me going to the joint 3X weekly.

blackink said...

@Jack: Cross Colours? Man, if only we could afford that. That's big money right there. I might have to rock something from Karl Kani. That powder blue recommendation is nice, though.

And I absolutely get where you're coming from. Lots of folks think "resolutions" are a waste of time but I don't have any problem with resetting my goals annually, if not more often than that. Not that the self-work ever stops but it's helpful to take stock of your position. I'm hoping to be ready when Obama has straightened some things out, too.

@A.T.: That move, sir, was made of win. I applaud you and your efforts.