Monday, January 26, 2009

Once again, back is the incredible

After several days of rest, hours of YouTube and dozens of bowls of soup (mostly creamy tomato), I'm feeling ready to conquer the world. Or at least work.

This week, posting will be light as I've got to catch up on work, get reacquainted with the treadmill and fill out mounds of paperwork related to some alternative goals. Also, I'm hoping that I can catch a few practices for Lingerie Bowl VI (hey, the First Lady said I could go. No foolin').

A few notes from my weekend and morning before we get into this:

1. I'm hoping it was merely a coincidence that I got sick the day after the inauguration. More likely, my stomach started churning after hearing people talk about a "dream fulfilled." Please, spare me.

2. I joined Sarah Palin's Facebook fan page over the weekend. It's really an unexpected source of comedy. The supporters' posts are like Letters to Santa but with more grammatical errors.

3. This morning, I interviewed an 89-year-old black woman for a story that I'm working on today. For no real reason, other than I like to hear people talk, I asked her about Obama. She told me: "It's nice to finally have a colored boy in there." For whatever reason, that made me smile. I promised to return sometime with her favorite beverage, an Old Milwaukee.

4. I watched "Sex, Lies and Videotape" for the first time late last night. Just wow. It's like an late '80s version of "Closer." Soderbergh's flick is a movie strictly for grown-ups, and not in a prurient kind of way. It got me to thinking about the sorts of questions we'd never ask of our intimates. But I guess I'm left wondering if those are the questions we really need to ask, or if we're better off not knowing the answers?

5. I spent hours and hours looking up old, mostly forgotten, hip-hop videos from the '90s. I'm trying to think of a way to drop some of that onto the site this week. But here's one for the moment, a nod to the title of this post ...


melinda said...

Sorry sweetie. No Lingerie Bowl for you, or anyone else.

blackink said...

Dammit. Oh well. Who needs a sub when I got Steak'ums at home? ;)