Friday, February 6, 2009

The death of the Garment Renaissance

Everyone can't come up with the blueprint for Sean John. Or Rocawear. Or even Wu Wear.

It's something celebrities and others who are so, uh, celebrated, might do well to keep in mind when they're thinking of slapping their name on a clothing line. Just because we think you spit a hot 16, that doesn't mean we want to wear your draws.

According to Advertising Age, the struggling economy is taking down retailers and the celebrity brands that line their clothing racks. Celebrity lines from LL Cool J, Sarah Jessica Parker and Venus Williams are just some of the few that taking a hit during this downturn (I had no clue that LL Cool J had a clothing line before yesterday, btw).

Even before the economy started to tumble, the market was already saturated with cele-brands. It's almost as if a SAG card or a gold album was enough qualification to start a clothing line. Uh, we should all know better. Everyone ain't that special.

So stay skeptical when you hear that 50 Cent says he's ready to release a line of men's cosmetics (something to go with his manssieres, no doubt), or TI gears up for the spring line of his menswear collection. This ain't the rap game, B. People can see through the gimmicks.

And if you think this post was just an excuse to post a Wu-Tang video, then we're all getting to know each other very well:


Anonymous said...

LOL! I am kinda tired of the rap mogul empire game, i.e. clothing line, albums, acting, etc. Denzel once said that there were too many cats out there doing 23423 things instead of focusing on being good at one. Everybody can't be everything. That's what I took from that. And everybody can't be Versace and Gucci and even Sean John.

blackink said...

Right. That rap mogul stuff doesn't last long anyway. Master your craft first, you know? Denzel has his head in the right place.

Not that I have a problem with being multitalented. But you actually have to have multiple talents to make it work.

Dame Dash aka the "Ultimate Hustler," anyone?