Monday, February 2, 2009

A Super Finish

There's lots to discuss this week, particularly following a thrilling Super Bowl 43. At the moment, I've got a lot on my plate and a meeting that I'll be covering for work a little later this evening.

A few things worth mentioning but not elaborating upon at the moment:

1. What a great, great game. Tampa looked beautiful last night. I'll offer my postgame thoughts sometime in the next few hours before we all stop caring. As best as I can, I'll try to offer a fresh take on the Steelers' win. I realize the clock is ticking.

2. First on that list of takes is my belief that Mike Tomlin represents affirmative action as the way it should be implemented. The problem with most affirmative action opponents is that people like Clarence Thomas and Michael Steele are generally the ones who get put on. But it becomes tough to argue against the program when folks like Tomlin are the beneficiaries.

3. Rejoice! We're now in the midst of Black History Month. Have you heard anything about MLK or George Washington Carver lately? What about slaves?

4. I find this LA Times article about Dr. Jill Biden to be particularly offensive. Or maybe mroe of a cheap shot. And yes, I mean doctor.

5. A few musical notes, if you will: Erykah Badu gives birth to her third child by a third father. The girl will be named Twitty Milk. Congrats; 50 Cent is in another beef, this time with Rick Ross. Yawn; And DMX is headed to jail for 90 days. Isn't he getting too old for this kind of nonsense?

At the sentencing, the judge tells him: "Mr. Simmons, it's time to do something different. What you have been doing is not working." Amen.

More later. In the meantime, enjoy something from Ms. Badu's first album.

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