Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Super Seven

Seven postgame thoughts about the Super Bowl sounds perfect. I'll try to make this brief since I finished this early Tuesday:

1. Ben Roethlisberger wuz robbed of Super Bowl MVP. Santonio Holmes came up huge on the game-winning final drive but, you know, Big Ben was the guy who made it all happen.

2. I'm all ready to include Roethlisberger on the list of the league's top five quarterbacks (and I'm not basing this on one game). The list goes something like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Donovan McNabb and ... yeah. You can make a case that Big Ben is no lower than No. 5 and possibly No. 3. He's almost incomparably tough for his position, has a great arm, keeps plays alive with fantastic footwork in the pocket and has the best pump fake in the league. Not to mention, he gets it done behind a porous offensive line and without a top-flight running back or receiver.

3. Speaking of offensive lines, this Super Bowl featured the worst pair in recent memory. Neither team could rush for a first down on 3rd and short to save their seasons. It's the reason Mike Tomlin settled for a field goal on the game's first possession.

4. Because of No. 3, that's why I think this Steelers team is probably one of the worst to win a Super Bowl in the past decade. Below-average offensive line, unreliable running game, no real dynamic threats at wideout and a suspect secondary. I'll rank them because that's what I do: No. 1. Patriots (2005); No. 2 Patriots (2004); No. 3 Rams (2000); No. 4 Ravens (2001); No. 5 Colts (2007); No. 6. Giants (2008); No. 7 Steelers (2006); No. 8 Steelers (2009); No. 9 Patriots (2002); and No. 10 Buccaneers (2003).

5. I wish I'd had someone around other than the First Lady to verify this: moments before kickoff, I joked to her that you need guys named Santonio to win championships. They might not matter much in regular-season games in early October, but when the lights are brightest, they're drawn to them like moths. Kind of like Celebrity on "Tool Academy."

6. Also, Santonio is my candidate for player most likely to be overrated (financially and otherwise, including fantasy football) following a star-making performance in the Super Bowl. This lists includes guys like Larry Brown, Dexter Jackson and Deion Branch. Just watch. I might throw Darnell Dockett in the mix, too.

7. Kurt Warner is a Hall of Fame quarterback. Whether or not he's on the first ballot is irrelevant.

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