Monday, March 23, 2009

Hear Lo

Apropos of nothing really, Cee-Lo's verse from "Fly Away" on Goodie Mob's second album Still Standing:

Well, I'm from the dirty, filthy nasty dirty South
Some of you niggaz still think we soft (know they do)
And I swore, I wouldn't never write no rhyme like this
But now you're startin to piss me off, ha ha hah
Oh yesh y'all, Sugah he got that silky Southern drawl
Every tooth in my mouth, got gold on em' all
I'm 'eal strong, and we don't want no bad blood
But it is some, it is some
Nigga think he gotta, better mind frame then me
Nigga really think he got mo' game then me?
Gon' make me sick, they gon' think you slick
But fuck around and make me click like a magic trick, ha ha hah
Cause I'll prove your ass wrong bout me
We so deep and quick to stomp a nigga to sleep
And, uh, we dont' like to kill, but we will
Oh Lord this South is sho' nuff trill, now shit
When we on your side of town, we don't ask why
We abide by the rules that y'all live by
And see, you're welcome to come, you're welcome to stay
But any disrespect, we WILL make yo' ass fly away

For some reason, I needed that today. More a little later ... I'm in a bit of a crunch at work. When I get the time, I want to share a story about the time I actually met Cee-Lo in person.


Jack T. said...

Again, I can't believe he got famous in this lifetime. He's one of the most original cats in the game.

blackink said...

No doubt. From the moment I heard his verse on "Git Up, Git Out," I knew that I was hearing something on some other sh*t.

And he can make anyone's hook sound golden. You heard "In Due Time" with 'Kast?

Like you say, there's really not anyone else like him out there in the game today.

Jack T. said...

I just looked it up. Downloading it right now.

Can I make an argument for his verse on "Watch for the Hook" right quick? Not only is it one of the best posse cuts ever, Cee-Lo manages to spit an avalanche of words and STILL make it sound great.

blackink said...

Jack T: What'd you think of "In Due Time"? I'm sure you'd heard it before but might have forgotten about it. It didn't get much burn on the radio when it was released.

And, dude, don't get me started on "Watch for the Hook." That's hella nice.

Jack T. said...

I had. For some reason I just didn't put two and two together. I like it primarily because it doesn't feature Cee-Lo's upper register exclusively, which is the only downside to watching him fly his freak flag on national television.