Thursday, March 26, 2009

In search of Eunice Chantilly

I'm almost certain that I have seen every episode of The Cosby Show.

Which makes me believe that, for whatever reason, the show's producers never bothered casting an actress for the role of Eunice Chantilly, Cliff Huxtable's old high school girlfriend and Claire's apparent nemesis.

I'm a little late on this, I know. But I have a suggestion for them:

You telling me that the Jackée Harry couldn't play a woman who was once a 17-year-old ninth-grader? I think not.

For it not to have happened, there must have been some beef between the Coz and Jackee in the '80s. What black actor or actress of note during that time didn't make some sort of guest appearance on The Cosby Show?

Either way, I think we were all denied a very special episode when Claire tried to cut a bitch. Too bad for us.


avery said...

THIS is why i come here every day. Dang, i wish i had thought of this first!

Anonymous said...

ROFL. She would have been perfect!

blackink said...

Haha. This is something I've been thinking about for quite a minute. I waited to watch a few more reruns until I posted this one.

I mean, between Tailwind Turner, Elvin Tibideaux and Dabnis Brickey, man, I could go on all day about The Cosby Show.

avery said...

i hope olivia doesn't bring some "elvin" to see me. if i don't have a clair to balance me out, he won't make it.

but then...would i prefer an elvin or a dabnis? i think dabnis.