Friday, March 27, 2009

Real March Madness

Or more like February Foolishness.

No one has ever been quite like John Chaney. I miss having him around. John Calipari could probably live without him.


avery said...

i will NEVER forget that.

john chaney was my dude, though. i was always surprised how tall he is when i'd see him on campus

blackink said...

Chaney was tall, eh? Now see, I would have never figured that one.

But yeah, he was quite the character. And he did a lot for the game, in terms of creating more access for black kids.

I generally kinda-sorta rooted for Temple unless they were playing the Fab Five or something.

avery said...

i always thought JC was the only coach who looked just like the mascot. he looked like an owl.

they haven't done a whole-whole lot since i was there. they last went to the Elite 8 in my senior year.