Friday, May 8, 2009

Know who you're dealing with, Kobe?

Ron-Ron: The crazy the Houston Rockets have been missing since the halycon days of Vernon "Mad" Maxwell. Come to think of it, both of them have rushed into the stands to punch a fan before.

That memory gets me feeling all warm and tingly about Game 3 in Houston tonight:

What was it C-Bone said in "Tomb of the Boom"?: "Athletes want to be rappers, shawty, trust me."


Jack T. said...

Ah, Mike Jones. 281-330-8004. I should call him and ask him what happened.

Ron Artest is a whole lot of crazy. He makes Ray Lewis look calm.

blackink said...

As Chuck said the other night, Ron Artest can play with me anytime. You want this cat in the foxhole.

And really, he ain't to be f-ed with either. I bet Kobe treads a little more lightly around him in the future.