Friday, May 8, 2009


If you didn't catch the E! reality-TV show The Girls Next Door, then you probably don't know that the woman pictured above is former Hugh Hefner girlfriend and model Kendra Wilkinson.

The man she's straddling on that four-wheeler is her fiance, Philadelphia Eagles receiver Hank Baskett. Quite obviously, he's black and she's white.

I only mention that because ... sigh ... some of the commenters on her blog noticed as well:
Nothing says nasty like a white girl who f”ks nigg3rs. What’s next for you oral sex on pigs? Standing on a street corner sucking C for crack? Seriously, you’re an embarrassment and a disgrace. Tainted nasty meat.
Nigger-loving skank. Pure fucking trash.
And finally, this piece of ... brilliance:

White women who date niggers are plain nasty. They were nasty then, and they are nasty now. I could care less if she asked for my approval but if she’s going to put pictures of her and a chimp on the internet then deal with the commentary.

Niggers are the bottom of the social barrel. They commit violent crimes at several times the level of whites (DOJ stats), more of their males are in prison than in college.

Their culture is garbage hip-hop nastiness that promotes hatred of women (emphasis mine), hatred of education and primal idiocy.

Most women who fuck them are low-class white trash types, perhaps like yourself.

It is my business, it’s everybody’s business. People have to look at that skankiness, have some fucking pride or decency. What’s next sex with dogs in public? Nice. Yes, skank is a ‘compliment’. WTF, shows about your level of idiocy.

Right. Because he's not the idiot.

As my boy G.D. might say ... the irony. It burns.

Post-script: Normally, I refrain from even acknowledging this sort of buffoonery. But I couldn't help myself. And let's be honest ... the posting has been pretty sporadic of late. I need to give you all something to read, don't I?


Jack T. said...

What I think is equally useless is attacking these morons with the idea that they're intimidated by the rumors about the black male genitalia. These guys need to be called out for the social outcasts they know they are. Who would bother leaving this sort of garbage on the website of a former playboy model they'll probably never meet and almost certainly never bed?

Seriously anonymous commenters, this is a few steps below getting drunk and calling that girl who dumped you just to insult her. At least you kinda had a shot with her.

Bougie Applebum said...


I'd love to see the commenters share these thoughts in person with some of these 'monkeys' and 'criminals' they loathe so much. Come from behind the computer and represent your ignorance.

And on another note...what were you doing on a Playboy Bunny's blog? There for the articles huh? Right Right. lol. j/k.

blackink said...

Nah, nah, Bougie. Lol. You got it all wrong. I should have h/t'd The Big Lead (which I'll do, thusly.) Thanks for the reminder.

But yeah, you all get to the heart of it. Their anonymity might as well be a white bedsheet.

And Jack is absolutely right: if Kendra said she was bout it, ol' boy would put down the lotion and get himself to the nearest airport asap.

Jack T. said...

Keyboard gangstas. I would say they're all words, but most of them can't even type.

I just had this thought: How much of this is insecurity about the guy's race/physical attractiveness vs. the fact that the lady involved here left a "wealthy" white guy for a "rich" black guy? I don't know. I just wonder.

KST said...

You guys have not asked the obvious question: Do you think Heff is lubing up with Bengay while posting these comments?

blackink said...

@Jack: I bet that definitely has a role in it. I'm sure the keyboard gangsta would come up waaaaay short if he had to compare himself to Baskett. It's easier to call him a chimp than to deal with his own flaws, you know?

And what did ol' boy say in "Boomerang" - something about the fear of the sexual potency of black balls?

@KST: Lol. You know you wrong. But Hef doesn't chase them. He replaces them.