Saturday, May 9, 2009


Did this happen on purpose?

h/t Awkward Family Photos


Max Reddick said...

Wait a second. Is Obama on that guy's jacket? At some point during the time they were putting together this outfit, did they not realized how ridiculous it looked? Maybe being mocked on the internet is what they were shooting for.

blackink said...

Max, you're right. That is Obama on his "jacket."

I can only imagine this is one of those organized deals where kids wear duct tape to prom, and the most creative couple wins ... I dunno. A free limo ride? A keg? A lifetime of ridicule from making it onto the Interwebs?

KST said...

Have you checked your high school yearbooks?

blackink said...

You know what, KST ... I didn't even go to prom. Sad, ain't it?

But our prom was scheduled for Friday, and I had a state championship track meet on Saturday. I had to make a tough choice.

Given my performance that day, I'd have been better off going to prom.

KST said...

Awww... No prom? I still have fond memories of my bootleg designer dress from NYC. Lol.

Don't be so tough on yourself about the track performance. At least you won't have to explain why you looked a H.A.M. on your prom night to your kids someday.