Monday, August 10, 2009

Free Period

So where do we go from here? President Obama has been portrayed as a monkey, witch doctor, various types of pimps and now The Joker. Certainly, there’s more variations on this general theme.

But I really want to know, what’s the endgame? Is this supposed to advance some principled political opposition? Or merely “to get their country back”?:

As always, Your Monday Random-Ass Roundup has been posted over at PostBourgie.

In this week's post, we talk about health care, California's overcrowded prisons, what's wrong with "no homo," Princess Moroccan Barbie, the rise on an unsettling trend, why Bob Herbert is boring and, once again, Michael Vick. Of course, there's also a bunch of other stuff.

Enjoy. And more later.

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Bougie Applebum said...

I'm really getting sick of all of the portrayals. It is so OBVIOUS what this is "really" about.

There's no ground for all of the hoopla but the idiots won't back down until he's out of office. Just to think, it has only been eight months! I roll my eyes at it all.

Whether he get's another term or walks out after one run - my wish is that when he takes his final swagger out of the White House he looks straight into the camera, and in his best Chappelle form tell 'em all to "Kiss his black azz". Yeah...that would be real nice. I bet Michelle would do it... oh yeah. lol