Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pretty, pretty, pretty good

Actually, even better than that. Really, I can hardly contain my excitement about tonight's season premiere of "Curb Your Enthusiasm."

My only wish for this season is that Larry either: a. stays with Loretta Black (which seems very unlikely) or b. never even entertains the thought of getting back with his estranged wife, Cheryl.

While watching re-runs over the past few months, the First Lady and I have developed a deep disdain for Larry's ex. Honestly, we don't see what Cheryl brings to the table besides her generically perky good looks - something Larry could obviously replace in quick order in Hollywood. We find Cheryl to be disloyal, selfish and perpetually dissatisfied.

Weird to say, but Larry could do better. And he certainly can do worse than Loretta (played by a suddenly rejuvenated Vivica Fox):

Also, I really can't wait to see Michael Richards (formerly Kramer on "Seinfeld") make his return in to the small screen. Given his highly publicized on-stage meltdown a couple years ago, I fully expect Leon to get all in Richards' ass.

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