Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Let's move forward, amicably

On the issue of marriage, TNC and I don't necessarily see eye-to-eye. For one, I wholeheartedly believe in public declarations of love. But I also believe strongly in the very private work of nourishing my relationship with the First Lady.

Maybe calling it "work" is something of an overstatement. To me, it's never felt like work. It's feels like whatever it does when you're doing something you love. But maybe that's because we don't have any kids.

Anyway, maybe when I'm feeling the effects of rum and Coke and our date with the church and broom is nearer, I'll go into all the little things that made me want to start a family with the only woman who could make me love a dog. But today ain't that day.

Please read TNC's moving post about why he and the mother of his son have never married. In the end, it's about more than rings and honeymoons and ancient vows. It's about choice. And I can respect that.

On another note, TNC's smartly-worded post made me dig a bit for one of my five favorite movie scenes of all-time. Gotta love Kevin Hart, even if he did star in "Soul Plane." Dig it.

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