Sunday, November 16, 2008


I'm conflicted in my beliefs about how we should deal with illegal immigration.

Or maybe, my belief system is so simple that it seems in conflict with itself: we should enforce the laws already on the books; do our dutiful best to ensure that the Border Patrol and ICE are fully funded and staffed; eliminate the massive backlog of those waiting to get green cards so as to discourage illegal immigration. No amnesty. But I'm certainly no proponent of some massive deportation of the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants living in this country.

At any rate, something must done about people like this:

Miguel Mejia Rodriguez, 36, is locked up on the fifth floor of the San Jacinto Jail downtown, accused of raping and sodomizing a second-grader.

It is the fourth time in 12 years that Rodriguez, an unemployed drifter from Zacatecas, Mexico, has landed in Harris County Jail. Over the years, Rodriguez has served time for drug possession, theft, trespassing and indecent exposure. He told jailers he was in the country illegally in December 2006, after a security guard caught him touching himself in an apartment complex parking lot, records show.

But ICE officials did not file paperwork to detain Rodriguez. He was released after serving his 25-day sentence.

"I never lied about who I am, or where I'm from. I'm 100 percent Mexican," Rodriguez said in a jail interview with the Chronicle in September, after he was accused of the rape and sodomy of a 7-year-old.

According to court records, the girl told a friend Rodriguez started abusing her after her mother died in 2005, while he was living with her family.

The girl was hospitalized and treated for syphilis, court records show. In an interview with Houston police detectives, Rodriguez admitted to contracting syphilis from a woman he met in a Houston cantina, but he denied raping the girl. He said she was a "troublemaker" who lied because he punished her when she misbehaved.


Knockout Ed said...

To me this is a simple matter of ICE doing it's job. ICE fucked up & he continued to abuse this girl.

My other concern about this is illegals aliens, just like I think most people in the world are mostly law abiding people. Stories like this get ginned up by nutso right-wingers to be a majority of of illegals.

blackink said...

Absolutely. I was more appalled by that particular crime than anything. I don't, in any way, want to pin that on the broader issue of illegal immigration. Maybe I should have made that more clear.

On g.p., I could really care less about illegal immigration as a national priority. Sure, we must protect our borders and yada yada yada but I'm not into building walls or leading folks back across the border at gunpoint.

avery said...

i guess it's a little more complicated for me. my ex-girlfriend was a naturalized citizen, and it always struck her as patently unfair, even for the people who advocate for illegal immigrants, who are essentially saying that people who go by the book are...what? doin it wrong? if we're talkin about "fairness" and "equality," where do naturalized citizens fit into the equation?

i look at it like this: if i have a party and jokers try to come through the window, it ain't sayin i don't want you at the party to say you gotta come through the door.

blackink said...

Avery, you're right on. That's pretty much my feelings, summed up, about the issue.

Either we have an immigration policy or we don't. Might as well go about enforcing it.

My only deal is I don't want to see billions wasted on a roundup of the 12 million already here. Let's just deal with those that we catch.