Saturday, November 22, 2008

What I'm Thankful for, the prelude

I'm trying not to be too smug but, my goodness, what an afternoon I'm having here at the Blackink House.

Saturday has been a veritable orgy of football. And I've still got Texas Tech at Oklahoma to look forward to this evening (think I might get a little live-blogging going to mark the occasion).

On TV, at this moment, I'm able to choose from: my alma mater, TCU hosting Air Force; Ole Miss at LSU; Syracuse at Notre Dame; Michigan State at Penn State; Boston College at Wake Forest; Washington at Washington State; Florida Atlantic at Arkansas State; and Jackson State at Alcorn State.

Believe it or not, I'm a little interested in all these contests. For once, the screen-in-screen feature on my flat-screen isn't quite enough to satisfy my appetite for football.

Not to mention, we've got the screen door to the lanai open - it's a cloudless, 70-degree picturesque day here in Tampa. And I'm going to convince the First Lady that enchiladas and a Corona are all that are missing.

My goodness, I wish everyday was Saturday.

UPDATE: TCU up 10-0 at the end of the first and LSU is already down a touchdown. Good times. However, I'm still struggling to get over that loss at Utah that killed our BCS dreams.

UPDATE 2: I dunno. I might have to agree with Spottie: RichRod is looking like a terrible hire. And Spottie wrote that before the Wolverines went out and embarrassed themselves today.

UPDATE 3: I'm wondering if Tracy Wolfson has got a little Negro blood in her veins? She sorta resembles Suzanne Malveaux to me.

UPDATE 4: Shit. Boise State is playing at Nevada on ESPN2, too! Awesome.

UPDATE 5: Ok. I'm gonna admit it. I might have a little TV crush on Tracy Wolfson.

UPDATE 6: I'm not live-blogging yet (I should be studying and folding clothes) but I've got to agree: Jevan Sneed just made three perfect throws. Wow. I don't think even Colt McCoy has an arm like that. Oh, and TCU is up 24-3 at the half.

UPDATE 7: Is it me, or does Houston Nutt own Les Miles? In Baton Rouge, no less. Is there a way that the Tigers can go to the Independence Bowl?

UPDATE 8: Great, great finishes today. Kudos to Syracuse, Washington State, Jackson State and Boston College for pulling out some close ones and making things entertaining (I watched a bit of all these games, btw). TCU rolled to an easy victory. Also, it was nice to see Joe Paterno win a Big 10 title. I can't wait to see the Nittany Lions in the Rose Bowl.

But at the moment, I really can't wait to see the de-facto Big 12 South championship game. More later.


Esquire said...

Definitely a great day of football. But regardless of what happens the rest of the day, it will be a good one because Notre Dame just lost to Syracuse.

blackink said...

Aren't you surprised that the Irish didn't have a decided schematic advantage over lowly 'Cuse today? I mean, Weis did take over the playcalling, right?

But, yeah, it was a little entertaining to see Ol' Charlie swallow that one. How can you explain that one away?

blackink said...

I should have mentioned that I shudder to think what USC might do to the Irish next week.

avery said...

speakin of newscasters i didn't know was Black, soledad o'brien? for real?

and both'a them two joints is crute.

blackink said...

Oh yeah, Soledad is most definitely black. For whatever reason, she could never pass to me. Maybe it was her hair - a little curly, you know? Maybe it's because I got kinfolk from south Louisiana and that's how plenty of people down there look.

And, yeah, most definitely, Soledad is a dime.