Thursday, January 8, 2009

Drive-by blogging

My time is limited today because I'm due to catch a flight to Houston later this afternoon. Up next: a friend's wedding, some time with the fam, a brief swing through Louisiana and all that jazz over the course of a week or so.

I hate to shovel a shitload of links upon you, my faithful readers, but under the circumstances I don't have much choice. I really don't have much time to elaborate on some of the things that are gnawing at me today.

Maybe later. No, actually, certainly later. But here's some stuff:

- Maybe you haven't heard but there's some sort of important football game between a college from Oklahoma and another from Florida this evening. I won't bother referring to it as a national championship. Over the past few days, my indignation with the system has swelled as it becomes more and more apparent that Utah - the nation's only undefeated team - won't be given serious consideration for the top spot. (And yes, Esquire. I'm right there with you.)

So here's my suggestion: all non-BCS schools should drop down a level to the FCS (formerly Division I-AA) or form their own competitive division. Look, I know this is unlikely but that doesn't mean it doesn't make sense. If not for the spirit of competition, then colleges and universities should do it because they'd be better off spending those tens of millions of dollars on their academic offerings.

On the flip side, a longtime friend of mine has created a new site - - that promotes a reasonable playoff arrangement. (I really can not believe that domain was available). Because my friend is smart and ambitious, I like his chances of getting heard on this issue. Really. Someday, he might be president.

- Another smart guy, Bill James, calls for fellow statistical analysts to boycott the BCS.

- The Bush Legacy. Epic Fail.

- Von at Obsidian Wings draws attention to something much more disturbing about Roland Burris than his nomination by the embattled Blago. Thus far, I've been insistent that Burris has been legally appointed and should be seated. That hasn't changed. But this gives me pause.

- More lies, clown-like antics from Ann Coulter. Why do MSM outlets continue to give her a platform?

- Mississippi surges past Texas and New Mexico to become the nation's leader in teen birth rate. I'm just glad the First Lady got out of there before she became another statistic (I kid because I love).

- I loved "Sicko." I love Michael Moore. I can't help myself. Thus, Paul Krugman raises a legitimate objection to Obama's consideration of Sanjay Gupta as Surgeon General. Overall, I still think it's an out-of-the-box, thoughtful reimagining of the position.

- Do you think people understand that Larry Flynt and Joe Francis are just attention-seeking hucksters? Or do CNN and MSNBC need an excuse to run a few blurry clips of drunken college-aged girls jiggling around on their news shows?

- Nobody could have ever predicted: that Harry Reid would fold. And why is he supporting convicted felon Ted Stevens? Does he truly have no clue?

- As always, TNC breathes new life into a discussion about why there are no black senators. "I chafe because it traffics in a dangerous illusion that our only way in, is through the side door. Roland Burris will--and by law should--be seated. But there will be no side doors to save him 2010. And in all likelihood, we'll be right here, having this same discussion again." Word.

- The End of White America. This looks interesting. I'm going to print it out and read this on the flight. You should, too. There'll be a quiz on this later.

- Video of "W" stars Josh Brolin and Jeffrey Wright getting arrested during a break in filming in Shreveport. Good stuff. I miss Stray Cats.

- Is this not a war crime? And if you don't think it is, why not?

- The reason I was less than interested in getting to D.C. for the inauguration. Maybe I'm just a fuddy-duddy but waiting in line for hours is not my idea of a good time.

- For some reason, this kid's death really touched me. "... many of the funny stories, pictures, etc. that we all pass from inbox to inbox often have REAL people behind them." I do think people sometimes forget this.

- Also, a moving post about the true toll of war. R.I.P. Andy Olmsted.

- A.T. drops the knowledge about EPMD. I always loved "Crossover." I'm also going to come with my top 10 from Common in a few days.

- "Conversate" is a word after all. In fact, lots of words are words. Few people are more distasteful to me than word and language snobs. At my PWI, I damn near developed a hangup about my pronunciation of the word "ask."

- UBM is a crazy, crazy genius. I'd love to probe his mind for a few hours.

- I love that D.J. Augustin, a New Orleans native and brief resident of my beloved Mo City, called out the Celtics on their phony tough-guy act. Sgwhite calls them "studio gangstas." I'm inclined to agree.

- I truly hope I have a much better travel experience than Knockout Ed. Goodness knows, I've had my fair share of airport mishaps.

- And finally, for no reason at all: Rex Kwon Do.


Anonymous said...

good choice of links! and i love the epic failure. lol. have fun outta town!

Knockout Ed said...

I hope you have a better one to!

blackink said...

Much thanks. And things worked out during the trip. We're off to a good start.

Except for last night's game. Dammit.